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About Me

I've always had wanderlust, never content to watch too many seasons from the same locale.
I grew up in upstate New York and after high school moved to Manhattan to earn my degree in Graphic Design.  That degree took me to the publishing houses of New York City to high tech companies on the west coast and I gained awards from industry peers along the way. When the 2008 recession hit,

I went traveling and discovered South East Asia. I decided to become an English teacher and moved to Thailand. While the idea of moving there was terrifying, it remains one of the best things I have done in my life. I was able to expand myself and was resident staff in a mindful community.
​I currently live in the northern countryside with my cat, Cleo. what makes Tip: Add your own image by double clicking the image and clicking Resume.



W3 Silver Award for Outstanding Web DesignWildlife
   ConservatIon Society

Forbes Magazine’s Best Corporate Web SiteMicrosoft Corporation

PRINT’s Regional Design AwardRandom House Publishing

GRAPHIS Design Annual WinnerSchool of Visual Arts

American-born, now Thailand-based, experienced and award winning creative who can't seem to stay in one place for too long.